List of Derivative Products

In this topic I would like to list commonly used derivatives by class/category. This is just a partial list. You may come across many more products. If you have big picture some insight into common products it might be easy to understand the other.

Equity Derivatives

  • Equity Options
  • Equity Index Options
  • Equity Index Futures
  • Equity Forward
  • Equity Swap
  • Equity Variance Swap
  • Equity Volatility Swap
  • Equity Variance Option
  • Equity Volatility Option
  • Equity Warrants
  • Equity Convertibles
  • Equity Convertible Swaps
  • Equity Convertible Preferreds

Interest Rate Derivatives

  • Bond Futures
  • Interest Rate Futures
  • Futures on Swaps
  • Options on Bond Futures
  • Options on Interest Rate Futures
  • Interest Rate Swap
  • Cross-Currency Swap
  • Bond Forwards
  • FRA – Floating Rate Agreements
  • Structured Products (Notes/Bonds/Bills)

FX Derivatives

  • FX Futures
  • FX Forwards
  • FX Listed Options
  • FX OTC Options
  • Currency-linked Notes
  • Currency Swaptions

Credit Derivatives

  • Credit Default Swap- Single Names
  • Credit Default Swap – Basket
  • Credit Default Swap – Index

This is a small list. We can find many more derivatives in use. I will add more as I get time. be continued