My Book “Managing Derivatives Contracts” Released


My book “Managing Derivatives Contracts: A Guide to Derivatives Market Structure, Contract Life Cycle, Operations, and Systems” is just released. This is the only book in the market that explains derivatives contract life cycle, market structure and derivatives applications. Both paperback and ebook are available from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and Apress. Please check it out. I promise this will be great resource if want to learn about derivatives market.

To learn more about the book visit the page “Managing Derivatives Contracts”.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Derivatives Market

Chapter 2: The Derivative Products

Chapter 3: Derivatives and Risk Management

Chapter 4: The Derivatives Contract

Chapter 5: The Market Players

Chapter 6: The Buy-Side Organization

Chapter 7: The Sell-Side Organization

Chapter 8: Market and Reference Data

Chapter 9: The Dodd-Frank Act and Other Reforms

Chapter 10: The Derivatives Contract Life Cycle

Chapter 11: Collateral Management

Chapter 12: Futures Life Cycle

Chapter 13: Listed Options Life Cycle

Chapter 14: OTC Cleared Contract Life Cycle

Chapter 15: OTC Bilateral Contract Life Cycle

Chapter 16: Credit Contract Life Cycle

Chapter 17: Derivatives and Information Technology

Chapter 18: IT Platforms and Systems

Chapter 19: Platform Architecture and Implementation Guidelines


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