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==Market Price==
Price of the security/instrument at which it is being traded in corresponding market.

For example, if MSFT is being traded at $25 on exchange its market price is $25.

==Market Value==
==Fair Value==
It is fair price of the instrument based on market conditions. Usually when it is VALUE, it is being derived based on some formula or something similar. It may not refer to the Market Price which is a TRADING price.

==Spot Price==
==Cash Price==
Spot price or Cash price is a price of the security or price of the underlying in case of derivative.

In market, the highest price/rate, Buyer is willing to pay.

In market, the lowest price/rate, Seller is willing to take.

The average of the BID and ASK price.

In market, it is the collection of BID, ASK, Last Trading price and other trading information at any point of time of specific instrument.

==Level 2 Quote==


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