Fixed Income Trading System Architecture

As part of the Application Architecture training sessions, this is a first session exploring the flow of Fixed Income Products Trading, System Architecture, Technology components involved and the role of each component. The following sessions would cover various design and architecture aspects and how to implement using different technologies.
This session covers the following topics (1 full day):
  • Fixed Income Instruments
  • Overview of Fixed Income Trading
  • Players of Fixed Income Markets
  • Needs of Broker/Dealers Firms (Brokerage Firms)
  • Requirements/Features of Fixed Income Trading System (of Broker/Dealer)
  • Architecture of Fixed Income Trading Platform
  • Various Components and Roles
  • Popular Technologies used and Vendor Products
Presentation Downloads:

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  1. Hi Khader, your web blog is superb. keep it up !!!! its so
    helpful. We will keep coming back here. I need some info. What SQL
    analysis role does a person constructing a Security Master for a
    firm (eg.Fixed Income) run?? I need a database table with record
    names and field names in it and the SQL statements. Please hurry
    up. It’s urgent.


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