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January 7, 2017

Risk USA 2016 – Risk Data Challenges & Big Data Platform Solution

It was nice meeting great people at Risk USA – 2016 in New York. It was a good learning experience presenting – “Challenges of managing Risk […]
September 30, 2014

My Book “Managing Derivatives Contracts” Released

My book “Managing Derivatives Contracts: A Guide to Derivatives Market Structure, Contract Life Cycle, Operations, and Systems” is just released. This is the only book in […]
April 4, 2013

What is Factored Notional

When CDX is initiated it includes a set of reference entities (constituents or names) and notional amount which is a total protection. Each underlying name has […]
January 15, 2012

2011 Risk Magazine Technology Rankings are out

As every year, for 2011, Risk magazine has released technolgoy rankings of derivatives and risk management products. Accordings to Risk magazine, it received 821 valid responses […]
February 1, 2011

Credit Default Swaps – The Big Picture

I recently posted my “Credit Default Swaps – The Big Picture” presentation for download. It was prepared to introduce Credit Default Swap instruments and various high […]
February 25, 2010

Bloomberg Open Symbology – BSYM (Bloomberg open sources its Security Identifier Universe)

A while ago, Bloomberg announced that it is making its proprietary security codes public ( I received couple of emails asking what that means. Many news […]
September 24, 2009

Fixed Income Market Analysis

FIXED INCOME MARKET ANALYSIS 4 Full Days Comprehensive course on Fixed Income Markets. This course is designed for professionals working in Capital Markets Technology and related […]
September 11, 2009

Capital Markets & Equities

  4 Day Course This Course is for technology professional working in or planning to work in any Securities business domain. This course covers the list of […]
August 13, 2009

Fixed Income Trading System Architecture Workshop on Sep 26

I am planning to start another series of sessions on Trading Platform Architecture. I will start the first session on Sep 26th covering the basics of […]
August 13, 2009

Fixed Income Trading System Architecture

As part of the Application Architecture training sessions, this is a first session exploring the flow of Fixed Income Products Trading, System Architecture, Technology components involved […]