Credit Default Swaps – The Big Picture

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January 12, 2011
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April 18, 2011

I recently posted my “Credit Default Swaps – The Big Picture” presentation for download. It was prepared to introduce Credit Default Swap instruments and various high level details. Presentation covers:

  • Definition of CDS
  • Importance of CDS
  • Market Players & their roles
  • CDS Examples
  • Myths and Facts of CDS
  • CDS Instrument Categories
  • Instrument Types & Options
  • CDS Pricing & Models
  • Market Data Requirements & Vendors
  • MIR, Ratings and Agencies
  • About ISDA
  • Risk Factors of CDS
  • Central Clearing and Counterparty (CCP)

Here is the link to download (PPT/PDF).

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  1. Bohdan says:

    Thanks for the presentation!

  2. Bharath S says:

    Really useful info.

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