Capital Markets & Equities

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4 Day Course
This Course is for technology professional working in or planning to work in any Securities business domain. This course covers the list of unique topics that explore practical aspects of the Securities business and related technologies. It is designed by industry experts unlike academicians.

This course is will be held in Jan/Feb ’15. It is available online. Please contact me for more details.

Capital Markets
Overview of Financial Markets
Financial Products
Market Types by Product
Essentials of Capital Markets
Market Players
Type of Securities
Types of Stocks
Process of Issuing Securities
Overview of Fixed Income Markets
Overview of Bond Markets
Bond Products
Money Market Products
Stock Market
Exchange Markets
OTC (Over-the-counter) Markets
Understanding Equity Quotes
Equity Order Types
Equity Order Qualifiers
Role of Securities Trading Firm
Brokerage Firm
Role of Brokerage Firm
Regulatory Agencies
SEC (Securities Exchange and Commissions
NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers
SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation
Equity Trade Life Cycle
Overview of Players
Order Origination
Clearing & Settlement
Depository Trust & Clearing Corporations.
National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC)
Stock Indices
Overview of Index
Benchmark Indices
DJIA – Dow Jones Industrial Averages
US&P 500
FTSE 100 (Futsie 100)
Nikkei 225
Hang Seng etc
Specialized Indices
iShares/ MSCI/EAFE
Morgan Stanley Biotech
Index Funds


Equity Trading System & Platform Architecture

Type of Institutions
Broker-Dealer/Brokerage Firm
Market Maker
Asset Manager
Primer Broker
Front Office/Trading
Middle Office/Risk Management
Back Office/Operations
System Modules
Order Management
Market Data
Position Management
Risk Analysis
Equity Trading System Modules
Reference Data Management
Connectivity Module
Exchange Access
Trade Processing Module
System Access
Equity Trading Models
Single Stock Trading
Block Trading
Algorithmic Trading
List/Program Trading
Stock Analysis
Stock Analysis Methods
Index Futures Trading
Understanding Index Future
Benefits of Index Future Trading
Index Futures Trading Strategies
Mutual Fund
Objectives Mutual Fund
Actively Managed Funds
Exchange Traded Funds
Understanding Fee & Expenses
Essentials of Options
Overview of Option Contract
Mechanics of Options Markets
Types of Options
Options Positions
Types of Underlying Assets
Understanding Quotes
Essentials of Futures & Forwards
Overview of Futures Contract
Understanding Futures Positions
Overview of Forwards
Futures Vs Forwards

Please email me for more details and schedule.

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  1. Vicki Williams

    28. Oct, 2009

    Good day;

    I was wondering if I could obtain the slides or other documentation to go with this training.

    Thanks in advance.


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  2. sreehari

    23. Jan, 2010

    I am interested. can i know the the training is online and cost etc.

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  3. Shafique Ahmed

    07. Feb, 2010

    I am interested. can i know if the training is online and cost etc.

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  4. Shafique Ahmed

    07. Feb, 2010

    I am interested. can i know if the training is online and cost etc .
    When you are offering this training. pls let me know

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  5. Mohan

    12. Mar, 2010

    Hello Khader, I am interested. please provide more information. How and where to attend this 4 day course ? thanks, Mohan

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  6. Ash

    17. Mar, 2010

    Hello Khader,

    Kindly provide more information. How and where to attend this 4 day course ? thanks, Ashwin

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  7. Milind Sharma

    05. Feb, 2012

    Hi Khader,

    I am interested in the training. If the training is not available at the moment, then can we atleast access to the material? you are doing a great job with this website! Keep it up!

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    Keep up the good writing.

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  9. Srinvas Sanagapalli

    30. Dec, 2014

    where I can find or register for this course.

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  10. Amrish

    19. Dec, 2015

    Hi Khader,

    I am thankful to you – your knowledge sharing is impressive and very useful.

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