FIX Protocol FAQs are posted

Posted on 18. May, 2009 by in Other

As requested, I have compiled good number of frequently asked questions on FIX protocol. I tried my best to answer them precisely. I have added them under Sections tab on right menu or can click here.

Feel free to write to me if you have any specific questions on this topic.


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12 Responses to “FIX Protocol FAQs are posted”

  1. Ashish

    15. Jun, 2009

    Hi Khader,

    I am trying to learn more about FIX scenarios and I liked your FIX presentation that you have posted online. But I need few more scenarios as examples. Can you please let me know where I can find them? I did not find them on the FPL website.


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  2. Simon

    15. Jun, 2009

    Straight talk – simple and clear.

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  3. Sumit

    15. Jun, 2009

    Great FAQs. Could you pls add some practical issues one would phase during development and support.


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  4. khader

    16. Jun, 2009


    Download FIX Protocol 4.3 specifications. There are 7 volumes in it. Volume 7 has FIX usage for all supported products. It may be bit complex initially but once you start following it, you may find it easy. There are few things before you start –
    – Your organization role; either you are Buy side, sell side or exchange
    – Products that you are dealing with
    – Trading process of those products

    If you need any further info let me know.


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  5. Nick

    25. Sep, 2009

    Hi Khader,

    Your materials on YouTube is just great.

    I am planning to develop a new FIX engine, for which I would like to ask you where can I find inputs/discussions, regarding

    – Whats lacking in current FIX engines in market?
    – The latency, stress tolerance & reliability figures for existing FIX engines in market.

    Nick S

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  6. Ben

    03. Feb, 2010

    Your website is by far the most helpful and well laid inforamtion resource on this exciting industry, keep posting sir. thanks again

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  7. sunil

    22. Feb, 2010

    Khader ji,

    Thanks for all the post till.
    we are expecting new posts from you about your experience which will help upcoming like me…

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  8. Kandarp

    25. Mar, 2010

    Great site and great info.

    Good work. I really appreciate your effort.

    You won one regular visitor on this site now. :)

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  9. Madhu Sudhana

    24. Apr, 2010

    Hi Sir,

    ‘U’ r doing great work. Providing a valuable information to people who r very much interested above to learn. Great Job. Sir please continue this work even u r busy with ur work schedule.

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  10. Ashok

    06. Sep, 2010


    Can you please let me know the list of Stock Exchanges that supports FIX.


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  11. mbana

    20. Sep, 2010

    To echo the above. Sir, simply wonderful.

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